All Of Humanity Is In Exile

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday humanity as a whole is very close to coming out of Egypt. More and more people feel the need to revise their life values and establish new priorities. Every person needs to perform his own calculation: What is he living for and why?

There are situations in our life when the battle for survival, for one’s existence, drowns out all these questions. After all, usually a question about the meaning of life arises when a person feels that he has achieved "everything" in this life, regardless of what level he is on. The question that then emerges in him is more elevated than his every day life.

We see that this question already engages large segments of humanity. It occurs unconsciously and it "chips away" at us from within. This is why there is dissemination of Kabbalah. It provides the explanation about what is happening in our era, why more and more people are suffering from depression, committing suicide, using drugs, getting divorced, and why the wave of terror is growing. It explains why the question regarding the meaning of life is arising and not leaving us, what is happening to our children, and why we can’t run from these questions even with a personal psychologist.

Humanity is unconsciously preparing itself for an ascent to a new era. Either through suffering or consciously, we aspire to connect into one spiritual vessel (Kli) as is instilled in nature, where we will perceive life as eternal and perfect.

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  1. Where did God hide after Adam and Eve took over?

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