The Two Paths Laying Before Us

The Meaning of Spiritual and Physical Tears Everything we have done until today was just a game where spiritual forces influenced us from Above, leading us through all the historical phases that we have gone through. These forces caused the development of nations, souls, and civilizations, and they governed us without asking whether we wanted it or not.

However, now we have completed our preparation for correction, and from today on, we must start to carry out the correction. This is why for the first time in history, the science of Kabbalah is becoming revealed to the whole world. It is the method of correction, of revealing the Creator, the Light, the force of correction. It is now becoming revealed because this is the first time that we must lead ourselves to correction.

From now on there are two paths laying before us: the natural path (Beito) and the path where we accelerate our development (Ahishena). If we participate in our own correction, then we will take the good path, but if we don’t desire to carry out the part incumbent upon us, then we will lag behind and will perceive our laziness as suffering.

Then, instead of feeling the Upper Forces as good and helpful to us in our correction, we will feel our own uncorrected desires in the form of various problems. These can range from minor troubles with our families and health to world wars and self-extermination. This is what all the Kabbalists have warned us about, as well as the prophets before them. All the prophets spoke about the age of the Messiah, which has now arrived.

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