Reassembling The Common Soul

reminds A question I received: What is the advantage of the breaking of the common soul?

My Answer: We can use a television set at home to illustrate this. Although it is a complicated device, anyone knows how to press buttons and use it; its operation does not pose any problem whatsoever for children. But let’s suppose that the TV completely breaks into all its tiny pieces, and with no other option, I need to fix it. Just think how smart I will become after I reassemble it! I will need to know its whole structure: all its plastic and metal parts, all the wires and components, their circuitry and connections, and all the laws governing how the components interact. We are talking about a complete and total breaking, so I need to know everything about it in order to repair it.

Accordingly, with respect to the breaking in spirituality, I come to understand how it is arranged and Who created it. He put all of Himself into His creation, and so I come to understand and comprehend the Creator Himself. In other words, before the breaking, the common soul of Adam HaRishon is completely different than after the breaking and the correction. Due to the breaking and reuniting, instead of instinctive knowledge about how to “press buttons” and make actions on the level of an animal, which nature compels me to perform, I collect the whole creation on my own, achieve the End of Correction, whereby the whole creation becomes mine, and by that I acquire the mind of the Creator.

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