Give And You Will Receive Even More

laitman_2009-08-09_7153 A question I received: Since attending the Zohar Convention 2010, I have been unable to concentrate on the daily Kabbalah lessons. I forget the meaning of the words and am able to grasp just some of the sentences. What should I do?

My Answer: A person who studies Kabbalah is always advancing. At every moment, a new depth of desire (Aviut), new desires, and new Reshimot are revealed in him. This pertains to everyone, especially to those who participated in the Zohar Convention 2010. They achieved great advancement. And I feel sorry for those who did not participate.

What you are now feeling are the forces that are pushing you to advance further ahead. Because you participated in the Convention, you received a great force from other people, as well as from the lectures, the songs, the dancing, and from everything else that took place there. You devoted three whole days to spirituality and disconnected from everything else in the world. Thus, you put yourself under the influence of a tremendous force that was present there. As a result, your desire is now being increased and you need to work with it.

What should you do? The only way you will be able to handle the power you received while connecting to others at the Convention is if you use everything you received there for the sake of dissemination, instead of simply studying. Studies alone will not help you advance. During the Convention, you received additional forces from outside, and now you, too, must bring them outside. You have received a great force, but unless you use it correctly, it will turn to poison and harm you. This force needs to go through you to others, but if you try to hold on to it, it will turn into poison.

A human being is like a cell in the body where all the substances need to keep flowing through in order to help spread everything further. Thus, in addition to studying, we need to disseminate the materials and the explanations of the wisdom of Kabbalah. You, too, received this awakening from the outside, and therefore, it is not enough to just sit and listen to the lessons. Studying alone is not enough; you have to bestow to others as well.

The science of Kabbalah has been revealed and there is no longer any need to hide this wisdom. You are receiving it together with masses of people and you must continue to spread it in the same manner. In order for a spiritual body to be healthy, you are required to return the enormous forces that you have received.

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