You Are Invited To Enter The Congress

evict A question I received: I have a friend who wants to find out about Kabbalah and The Book of Zohar. Should I bring him to the preparation evening to The Zohar Convention 2010 and to the Congress itself?

My Answer: I think you should definitely invite him. Even if a person is “accidentally” walking down the street and happens to pass by the place where the Congress is held, and he’s never heard anything about Kabbalah, but he has nothing to do today and is just walking around and suddenly sees this place where he can come in to see what’s happening there – then let him enter! There are no accidents!

If I have a friend who can bring me to the Congress, then he was somehow placed by my side on purpose. It’s a sign that I was invited there from Above. If a person was just walking by and decided to “drop in” on the Congress, to me this is a sign from Above.

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