Why Do We Feel So Bad?

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We often find ourselves asking, “Why do I feel so bad? I haven’t hurt anyone, so what am I doing wrong?” Like small children, we’re asking what we’ve done wrong and why we’re feeling so bad. Besides this, we seem to be getting worse without any apparent reason. We consider ourselves respectable citizens, innocent of any crime. So what’s going on? Why does evil come to us?

Everything comes from Above. There is nothing in our world that is not planned from Above, according to the calculation of the common system. The Zohar explains that new corruptions are revealed in us at every moment. If we pay attention to them through our inclusion in the common system, which is the group and the studies (at least one to two hours per day), then we’re given the strength and sensitivity to correct them.

It would be impossible for us to distinguish these states without first beginning to recognize them. Moreover, if we don’t recognize the same corruptions (Reshimot – informational genes), as well as opportunities to correct ourselves and advance spiritually, then they are transformed into evil within us. This is the reason for all the illnesses, problems, and crises in our life.

From one generation to another the uncorrected evil gradually builds up, and in our generation it has reached sufficient measures. All of this occurs because we don’t build a desire, which is a vessel (Kli) for the Lights (Ruchot) to clothe within us. Otherwise we would be able to reveal the meaning of our life and change our fate.

Without a Kli, the Lights that should have clothed within remain in the form of a “spirit” (Ruach) without a body, which means they act to our detriment. Thus, we are falling behind in perceiving these Lights within the corrected desires.

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  1. This is very interesting Rav. I would also like to know why some people don’t receive pain, illness tragedy, even if they don’t study.

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