The Whole World Is Sick Or Healthy Together With Me

sickorhealthy In relation to me all the other souls are in the corrected state. I have to recognize that I am the only uncorrected element in the whole universe. However, if they are all corrected and I am not, then doesn’t it mean that I am the only one who needs to correct myself? No, it doesn’t, and the reason is because my lack of correction is inside of me, since we all belong to one system.

If I am a sick organ in the body, then the whole body suffers because I do not carry out my work. Suppose I am a very important part of the body – say the kidneys, where my role is to cleanse everything there is in the body, but I am not functioning. Then the whole body cannot exist because this part is included in all the others and must serve them, providing its part of the common work. Without it, all the other parts are unable to function correctly either.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if the whole rest of the body is healthy; I still make it sick to the extent that I am uncorrected. I have to realize that I am the only one who is uncorrected, and this ruins the whole body. Without me, they would all be perfectly healthy.

Therefore, my work is to connect with everyone and to see how flawed they are because of me. This is the meaning of the verse, “Every person judges others to the extent of his own flaws.” Then I will desire to correct myself and to elevate everyone along with me to the height of the final, corrected state.

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