The Entire System Works With You If You Desire It

evilworld A question I received: In order to break down the wall separating me from the spiritual world, do I need to bang on it from both the egoistic and altruistic sides or can I just break it down from one side?

My Answer: The Light is acting on the spiritual side, repeating the actions we take on our side. If we don’t act on our side, the Light won’t come from Above and won’t do anything on the spiritual side. We are like a piece of metal which approaches a wall and makes another magnet work on the other side of the wall. Thus, we work together on both sides. The Creator can’t act in relation to us if we don’t desire it. Otherwise, where would we and our freedom of choice be? If the Creator were the only one working, then we would be simply an inanimate element. Therefore, we have to be ahead of Him and demand for Him to take action. That is how we can determine everything. The action takes place from both sides rather than just one side. On our side, we only activate the action, while its realization happens on the other side.

The force which works, acts, and realizes the correction comes from the Creator. The Light comes to us, begins to lift us, and transfers us over this wall. However, this happens only upon our request and to the extent that it corresponds to the common plan. A person can’t act according to his own program, but only together with the entire system around him which advances toward correction. He can only advance together with the entire system, and it doesn’t matter whether other parts of the system (other people) want the correction or not. In relation to the person, they adopt the form which is necessary for him.

Therefore, one’s advancement depends only on himself, while all others exist in the final, corrected state with regard to him. Yet, they are corrected with regard to him and work with him only to the extent that he wants to unite and advance together with them.

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