Spiritual Birth Is A Breakthrough Into A New World

каббалист Михаэль Лайтман

If we want to be born spiritually, we have to strive at making many good preparations. As a result, we begin to reveal our egoism (evil) because the darkness called the “serpent” emerges within us.

It is impossible to make an easy, peaceful transition to a new level. Similarly, birth in the material world is a critical and difficult process. It means that you “die” on the previous level, and only then are you born into a new world. Similarly, the serpent gives us new egoistic desires, thereby helping us break through into a new life. Thus, good and evil forces work together.

It is written, “I created the evil inclination and the Torah as its ‘spice’ (a remedy for its correction).”  In other words, the main component is our desire, which is the matter of creation, and the Torah acts only as the “spice” for our correction.

When we exit Egypt and approach the Red Sea, we must first throw ourselves into the water. Only when we act first and do so does the sea part. This is an act of birth, yet how are we able to do something like this? We are only capable of it if the evil (our egoism) pursuing us reveals itself, and through this act, forces us to be born.

We jump into the sea like a person who jumps from the 20th floor of a burning building, for example. One jumps knowing just one thing – he must escape the fire; this is his salvation. Likewise, all we’re able to think about is how to get rid of the evil, and it doesn’t matter what will follow. This is precisely how we are born.

Therefore, we should value our egoism for its essential and indispensable work. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to reach the ultimate Goal. That’s why it is called “help against you.”

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