Nature Can Teach Us How To Eliminate Terrorism In The World

terrorism There are two forces influencing us. One is our ego, which constantly grows, separating us from one another and making us hate each other. But on the other hand, there is an external force that causes us to be interconnected and interdependent.

Even though I never chose to be globally connected with the entire world and I do not want this connection, the Creator still arranges it that way. So on one hand, there is a negative force operating in me, which is directed against everyone else, but on the other hand, all the other people surround me so closely that I have nowhere to hide.

These two forces intentionally pressure me and I don’t have any way out of the situation. Anyone in the world would gladly break all the ties between all the nations and civilizations. But we are yet to discover that we depend on some of the tiniest nations, which seems not to matter. The entire world cannot manage to deal with some pirates in Somalia as well as many other, similar terrorist groups. Why can’t we just destroy them? It’s because the Upper Force will not let us. We all depend on one another and there is nowhere to hide.

There are one hundred and eighty countries in the world, and we are yet to see the kind of problems that will arise once our dependence on one another is revealed. Imagine what happens when your leg is injured; it seems like no big deal, but your head stops working, your attention is gone, and the light pain does not let you function properly.

The reason we are unable to manage a single terrorist country is because we are not unified. If the entire world were to act together, to close their bank accounts and stop buying oil from those groups, that would spell their end. What would these terrorist countries be able to do? They would have nothing. The world could close all the frontiers around them, leaving them no entrances and no exits. We should do like our organism does when a foreign body penetrates it, such as a splinter; the organism immediately isolates it inside a capsule and starts expelling it until the infected place bursts and the foreign body comes out together with all the pus.

However, we do not do the same to the terrorists because there is no world consent. We have to learn from nature what we need to do with them. There is no need to destroy them. We just need to come to a common agreement that we are not to communicate in any way with this part of the common organism. This will make them change very quickly because social influence is the strongest influence there is.

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  1. Dear Rav,

    Can I ask how you definine terrorsim ? Because as far as I can ascertain so may countries can be accused of it.

    Kind regards


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