Making Corrections Pours Life Into Our Common System

каббалист Михаэль Лайтман Just imagine how every cell and organ in a body feels being dedicated to its individual work. Its entire life depends completely on other organs, from which it receives everything it needs to live. At the same time, the purpose of its own work is to provide life to them. Without this reciprocity, it wouldn’t receive the vital force it needs from them and they all wouldn’t be able to participate in the common life of the body. This is what connects them to the common force of the Creator. The Light and life come to them from Him.

I feel that I exist in a system. The whole world and the entire universe are one common system in which I can see its internal connections. Within this system, I feel that everyone is connected with one another, depends on each other, and is obliged to fulfill their own function. This is why it’s clear to me that there is no division between myself and others.

If this were a closed, self-sufficient system, then everything would end there. However, new shortages, corrections, and breakages appear in the system all the time. Something becomes activated in one place, egoism is growing in another place, and I constantly find myself in fear. On the other hand, I can stay ahead of my fear if I advance of my own accord, accumulating strength and gaining new properties. Then, I won’t fear anything that becomes revealed to me. On the contrary, I will be happy about the opportunity to immediately make corrections and pour even more life into the common system. By doing this, I will feel that I give more pleasure to the Creator.

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