It Doesn’t Make Any Sense, But It’s Fascinating

sense A question I received: Why should we read about all the numerous details described by The Zohar if we aren’t able to identify them inside us?

My Answer: We have to be like a child who looks at the world around him and doesn’t understand anything, yet he gradually develops. He gets excited when he sees a bus passing by because it looks like something very big that’s moving. There’s another natural phenomenon where newborn geese take the first moving object they see to be their mother, and they follow it. This causes them to develop.

In the same way, when we are reading The Zohar, there is a part we don’t understand at all yet, and another part that we can already connect to. This develops us. We have to realize that we aren’t able to understand it yet, but one day we will surely understand everything in its entirety. When we desire and try to understand what we are hearing, we awaken the force that develops us. Otherwise, how else could we develop?

The more we advance, the more taste we will feel in the study.

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