Inner Reflection

All this external buildup with its output to the “computer” monitor is made only for myself, since I can only discern the externality. However, in reality all events are happening on the hard drive. It is from there that some form is reflected onto the screen. I am capable of understanding this form and accordingly I send an order back to the hard drive.

That external form reflected on the screen is what our world is. The Zohar wants to take us inside the system, that being the Creator (the hard drive), to the place where all events are unfolding and all forces are acting.

I am unable to change anything by interfering with the actions on the screen itself. It’s like trying to erase from it or to draw additional details onto to the screen’s picture. The screen is required only for the purpose of conveying that which is happening inside.

Therefore, the most important thing is to try to enter inside, to penetrate beyond all these outer pictures. In doing so, we will reveal the form of forces, information, and reminisces (Reshimot) in the spiritual world that are on this “hard drive.” Then we will be able to work with all parameters and change everything in order to receive fulfillment. However, this will happen under one condition: that we go deeper inside.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what pictures The Zohar depicts for us. What matters most is we want to reveal that inner picture where everything is happening. Our desires act inside of this as there is nothing else in the universe besides the desire and the Light.

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  1. How do you go inside? Truly go inside? Is it meditating and praying? Is it just learning the lessons little by little? What else can I do to get out from the mess I find myself in?

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