How To Become A Spiritual Embryo

above A spiritual embryo completely cancels itself before the Upper One and depends on Him in every aspect. In fact, canceling oneself is what constitutes one’s independence. This is the inanimate level of sanctity – bestowal and love for one’s neighbor above one’s egoism.

This should constitute our inner work at the Zohar Convention 2010. If each person cancels himself in relationship to the others, then certainly we will be able to reveal the degree of a spiritual embryo. Nobody can resist the influence of such a large group of people. If you enter the environment that has such a great power, then it’s very easy for you to cancel yourself – you only need a small desire and readiness. And accordingly, we’ll be able to reach a state, a spiritual reality where the Upper Force fills the world.

This is not fantasy, mysticism, or meditation; it is a true sensation, a certain level of unity that is reached when each person rejects his egoism in relationship to others. Each person will rise to the inanimate level of sanctity and feel what this state, filled with the Light of Nefesh of the World of Assiya, means.

A person is capable of putting in the effort to reach this state, but it is possible that he will fall again. Maybe he is already able to remain in the spiritual world, but this depends on whether or not he continues to exert himself after the Congress. If a person is motivated to remain in a state of rejecting his egoism in relationship to the others, then he can keep this level and begin to ascend from it regardless of what is happening with the others. It is unrealistic for a person to do this alone, but it’s easy to do it together!

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