How Should A Beginning Student Approach Zohar Study?

Why Does the Creator Give Us So Much Suffering In This World A question I received: When I read The Zohar I can’t help but materialize the images. What can I do about it?

My Answer: Those who start connecting with The Zohar feel its special power. However, a person needs to go through a period of preparation first. This is why we didn’t start studying The Zohar right away. We have gone through a lot and taken several years to prepare. This preparation helps us to have the right attitude toward The Zohar so it will influence us in a different manner. People who are just now joining our Zohar studies without this preparation need to connect to us and annul themselves better. Then, they will receive the same kind of preparation that we have gone through.

When reading The Zohar, people usually feel deeper inner examinations than they would when thinking about the corporal world of food, sex, family, money, power, and knowledge. The Zohar has a much stronger and deeper effect than that. However, some people simply lack a connection with us. Those who are really prepared can also experience the same disturbances. However, because they are already “sinners,” meaning that they revealed “sins” for the purpose of correction, they will be able to quickly deal with these disturbances.

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