Head Toward Perfection

каббалист Михаэль ЛайтманThere are no individual details; it only seems that way to us because we’re unable to comprehend the whole system with all its qualities and interactions, phenomena, states, and times. In our world, we choose an individual phenomenon and study it on its own, but it’s impossible to study the spiritual world this way. We’ll never learn the truth in this manner.

In the spiritual world, we always study the entirety because every degree is perfection consisting of all ten Sefirot. We study it all, but only to a small extent. In order to do this, we need to possess a ready and full spiritual vessel (Kli) because only something that’s perfect will be able to take in perfection. A person won’t be able to feel the spiritual world while his Kli isn’t ready to perceive some minor part of perfection with even minimal resolution.
Therefore, we should always strive to something perfect and whole rather than being satisfied by studies or sensations alone. We shouldn’t stop and wait, getting stuck on the inanimate level of development. We need to head toward perfection. We need to prepare our spiritual Kli to perceive, feel, and attain the whole spiritual universe. Only then will we become worthy of a spiritual revelation. The spiritual world is perfection and it can only be revealed in this general and perfect form.

Therefore, our work doesn’t consist of limiting ourselves but of opening ourselves up as much as possible. We need to head toward the maximum revelation in the right line and, in accordance with it, the limitations of the left line will be revealed as an addition to the right line. However, that revelation doesn’t depend on us. The Upper Light knows what needs to be revealed to us according to our advancement. In regard to this, we evaluate to what extent we can attain the full picture.

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