Give Your Soul A Magnificent Present

A question I received: I know you and your group only through the television screen. I’m scared of going to the Zohar Convention 2010 and feeling alone in a room full of people. How do I deal with this fear?

My Answer: This is a common question. People are scared of coming to the Congress and feeling alone in a room filled with 6,000 people. Don’t worry, you won’t feel alone. If a person is really determined and aimed at the goal, he really mustn’t miss a Congress. Don’t be deterred by fear or any other worries. Simply close your eyes and come. You will be inspired by such a large gathering of people who all share one common goal. We will listen, study, and sing together.

You simply don’t have any other opportunity to attain this kind of unity. It’s impossible to attain it through a television screen. However, once it has been attained, this unity will work on you. Then, you can return to the TV screen for several more months of study.

You must be present for all three days because it’s not quite as simple as walking in and connecting right away. It’s a good thing that you are scared for your work lies in overcoming your fear.

On the first day, you’re only beginning to enter the spiritual work. Toward the middle of the second day, we begin to feel the connection, the warmth and the unity. A certain spiritual sensation begins to emerge within us. It’s very small, but it begins to prepare us for spiritual revelation. The third day brings the anticipation of parting, but the unity has been achieved, even if only for a moment.

In the spiritual world, a moment is all you need. If a contact has been made, it remains forever. Nothing is lost in the spiritual world. When you return to the TV screen, that sensation you’ve experienced and that contact you’ve established will continue to develop within you.

Everyone has to come to the Congress to feel together with everyone else. In doing this, you will give your soul a magnificent present.

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