Finding The Middle Line Is Our Greatest Task

matter3 If you bestow less than you are able, then it’s not bestowal. This is how the middle line is built. It cannot emerge unless there is a precise measure of maximal bestowal.

The middle line does not exist initially and we do not know its measure, but it constitutes the entire “human being” inside us. We have to create this human being so he will be equal to the Creator. So how do we build and create the middle line in the Creator’s image, if it is to consist of two forces: male and female, right and left? We don’t know what this connection is or what form this creature called “man” should have. When he is born, he will be called our “self.” But before that happens, it’s as if we don’t exist at all.

We cannot know any of this ahead of time because we don’t see the Creator. When we complete this work and build precisely ten Sefirot, rather than nine or eleven, then the result will be called the Creator – “Come and See” (Bo- Re). We will reveal ourselves and the Creator together because a person cannot be revealed without the Creator and the Creator – without man; they can only exist together.

We don’t have any example or image of what the middle line is. We have to search and ask for it in order to begin finding the examples and the connection. That is how we start to see the game that the Creator is playing with us by awakening different feelings in us; this is His way of giving us hints to help us find the middle line.

Otherwise we won’t be able to understand it; we can only find the middle line by searching for it and trying to imagine it while in the darkness. This is the entire art and work of building the “Temple” – the manifestation of the Creator’s image on all levels of our desire: still, vegetative, animate, and human.

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