Entering Spirituality Through A Thin Bottleneck

feed In order to lead me into the spiritual world, the authors of the The Zohar and other Kabbalists had to build a multi-level system. It is an entrance that enables me to enter spirituality layer by layer while adapting to each level, freeing myself from certain stereotypes and habits, and gaining a new outlook. It’s as if I have to pass through a thin bottleneck and take on its form; otherwise I won’t be able to get in.

Suffering pushes me from behind, while the importance of the spiritual goal lures me from ahead. That is how I make my way in, continuously assuming a form that is more appropriate for the new world that I have to reveal.

Therefore, we are yet to reveal many more purifying filters inside the text of The Zohar. They will force us to become square, or round, or triangular, and to take on all sorts of forms and shapes until we go through all of them and enter inside. We will encounter them on all levels of our mind and feeling, as well as our outlook and understanding. We are always going through different kinds of matrixes and every new filter does something new to us until we are finally born into the spiritual world. This is how spiritual birth occurs.

This is why we encounter so many confusing and repulsive things in the text. It is impossible to go through this material using regular study methods and the usual mental efforts. We will be able to see why everything occurred only if the Upper Light influences us and changes us.

There will be obstacles standing before us that will simply vanish into thin air. It’s as if there is a boundary in front of you (a Machsom), and then suddenly, it is gone! There was some sort of image or opening, and you suddenly go through it, taking on its form.

This is how it works. Therefore, the problems cannot be solved using logic and reason, since we don’t understand a word of this text correctly.

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