Bringing The Power Of A Kabbalah Congress To The Whole World

What's the Right Attitude To Have To This World We think that the spiritual levels described by The Zohar are light-years away from us. But when spirituality becomes revealed, it happens very quickly, and if we unite at the upcoming The Zohar Convention 2010 , we will be able to attain the sensation of spirituality.

Besides, we have to keep in mind that all spiritual development until now took place on the individual level. It was done by select individuals, each of whom had to make extraordinary efforts.

But now is time of revelation, marking a shift in the number of people studying as well as the method of study. It is now the method of the whole world’s correction, the correction of the masses. The only thing required for this to happen is a slight desire on our part.

None of the Kabbalists of the past wrote about this state because they did not live in a generation such as ours. Now the correction has become global; it is the true correction where we must all unite together. Nothing like this has ever happened in history yet.

We are witnesses of the expansion and growth of this wave, which is enveloping more and more people. It is moving together with us, giving us support, and making us a necessary presence in the world.

Therefore, I have great hopes for the upcoming gathering, but everything will depend on you.

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