Be Above Yourself

clip_image001Good, bad, or indifferent – it doesn’t matter how we feel while reading The Book of Zohar. The most important thing is to carry on our effort regardless of what we may or may not feel. If we let it pour into ourselves like an infusion, then it will do its job within us.

We rise above our egoistic impressions by not paying attention to what our egoistic desire feels. Whether we’re in a state of fear or joy, whether we feel irritated or confused, we are above it. In other words, one thing doesn’t depend on the other and we continue to work despite what we feel.

The Creator intentionally trains us through our egoism and desire for pleasure. However, we have to constantly rise above this sensation and continue to walk the path as if nothing happened.

We have to say to the Creator, “It’s not Your gifts that are important to me; it is You who I need! Don’t confuse me with all the other sensations!” Only this kind of persistence will yield results.

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