Access To The Spiritual Control Panel

A question I received: Why was The Book of Zohar always treated with respect, and why did it unite people around itself?

My Answer: We exist in an infinite reality where we are all connected to each other. The Book of Zohar is not just a book that any person can pick up from a shelf and begin to read. It is an instrument which allows us to influence the spiritual system, as through we press buttons, and the system reacts. We activate it without even understanding what we are doing; we receive access to a very sensitive sphere.

This is not a book, but a whole system. When we read it and connect to it, we activate ourselves in relation to the system and the system in turn relates to us. We need to understand this and to realize what a great responsibility and special opportunity this is.

Let’s hope that we’ll succeed in activating this system to the extent that it depends on us as small souls that activate it, so it will influence us and reveal unity to us. This unity exists now as well, but we want The Zohar to reveal it – to lift the first, external layer of our egoism and reveal our unity on the smallest, first spiritual degree. This in itself will already be a revelation. So let’s study this book with the expectation for this to happen!

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