A Chance To Bring Light To The World

economics.jpgWhen studying The Zohar, we should feel that we are standing at the foot of Mount Sinai opposite our egoistic desire, our nature. We have already checked and been convinced that we are unable to be in control of our nature; we cannot succeed with it even in our material lives.

According to the Upper Plan, our nature is deliberately leading us to greater failures. This is why we have to ask for the Light that Reforms, called the Torah. It is written, “I created the evil inclination and I gave the Torah for its correction,” because the Light of the Torah reforms us.

This is the state of standing at the foot of Mount Sinai, where we feel hatred among everyone. But we hate that hatred for one another, and this results in a tremendous request because only the power of the Torah – The Book of Zohar that illuminates us with the Light that Reforms, is able to change our nature. This book will help us to open our eyes and heart and attain the spiritual dimension.

If we study The Book of Zohar with this intention every day, then we will be at the foot of Mount Sinai. As we approach the great event called “- The Zohar Convention 2010 ,” if we unite all our efforts and concentrate all our forces toward this common request, then there is a great opportunity for us to bring Light to the world.

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