Why Is The Financial Crisis Causing A Revival Of Anti-Semitism?

revivalNews Report (translated from news.ru.co.il): A series of anti-Semitic actions are taking place in Germany. Over 800 anti-Semitic acts have been reported this year alone. Experts link the rise of anti-Semitic acts to the global economic crisis, which has revived myths of the Zionist conspiracy.

The drastic rise in the number of anti-Semitic incidents is also observed in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Greece, and Great Britain.

My Comment: Everything is happening according to the law of nature! They hate and punish us because we do not carry out our mission of “bringing the Light to the nations.”

The only way we will be able to save ourselves, and even earn the world’s respect and gratitude, is by disseminating Kabbalah. See items 70 and 71 of the “Introduction to the Book of Zohar.”

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  1. So we take a Gnostic document that violates the basic tennets of Torah to prevent anti-Semitism?  How about we just get back to Torah, obedience to God and never mind this divine presence claptrap so we can let God fight our battles?  You cannot be a light to the nations unless you shine God’s light and I don’t see that anywhere in Kabbalah.  That preaches a different god that is most definitely pagan and useless in helping us find Him.  The problem with our people has always been that they look for spirituality everywhere else except in God’s commands.

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