When Will The Financial Crisis End?

Kabbalah and the Earthly SciencesNews Report (from Safe Haven): Has the bear market run its course? Is a new bull market on the horizon? … just as none of the previous “bottoms” since January were THE bottom, I see no evidence at this time to say that the November bottom has marked THE bottom …we are now dealing with K-wave winter and I want to again remind you of the signs that occur in this season.

  • “Bankruptcies Accelerate and High Debt Eliminated by Bankruptcy” – This has obviously begun and is no doubt related to the housing and credit bubbles.
  • “Social Upheaval and Society Becomes Negative” – We are only just beginning to see this.
  • “Banking System Shaken and New One Introduced” – The banking system is now only beginning to be shaken. There should be much more to come.
  • “Free Market System Blamed and Socialist Solutions Offered” – This has not yet happened, but just wait.
  • “National Fascist Political Tendencies” – More to come.
  • “Debt Level Very Low After Defaults and Bankruptcy” – This has not happened.
  • “Trade Conflicts Worsen” – This basically has not happened.
  • “View of the Future at a Low Ebb” – This has not happened as everyone seems to be looking for the bottom.
  • “New Work Ethics Develop Since Jobs are Scarce” – If I can assure you of one thing, it is that this has not happened.
  • “Greed is Purged from the System” – I can absolutely assure you that this has not happened yet.
  • “Real Estate Prices Find Bottom” – This has not happened.
  • “Investors are Very Conservative and Risk Averse” – Again, this has absolutely not occurred.
  • “Interest Rates and Prices Bottom” – Not happened.
  • “A New Economy Begins to Emerge” – Has not happened.
  • “Stock Markets Reach Bottom and Begin New Bull Markets” – We aren’t there yet and I view any relief rallies from these oversold levels merely as intermission.

My Comment: These are the conclusions of an economist, but a Kabbalist’s conclusions are even more critical: in order for the crisis to end, man must correct it. The crisis is a disease called egoism. In order to overcome it, we have to cure or correct egoism, transforming it to bestowal and love (absolute altruism). We should at least begin correcting it, at least begin to realize the necessity of doing so, or at least be willing to hear about this possibility.  Even if we do just this much, the world will already start shifting from the crisis toward prosperity.

Over the course of the crisis we may encounter periods when it will seem as though the crisis is over, and we will begin to seek new egoistic ascents in various areas of our life. After all, the crisis is multifaceted and envelops all areas of our lives. The media has long been speaking of crises in science, education, family, and so on.

Our situation is similar to the Egyptian plagues, which were followed by periods when it seemed that all the bad things were over, whereas in reality those periods were only a preparation for the next blow. Eventually, Nature will force us to become an integral part of it and to function by the law of optimal consumption and absolute unity, according to the rule, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” However, this won’t be done forcefully, like in the Soviet experiment, but consciously. It is precisely by realizing this that we will reach the bottom of the crisis.

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