We Are Standing At The Threshold Of An Extraordinary Discovery

man1One receives all the desires of the “Human” level from one’s environment, and if one uses these desires to benefit others, one experiences a pleasure that’s 620 times greater than when one receives for oneself. “Inside oneself,” one can only perceive this world, but “inside others,” one can perceive the Upper World. That is why today the world is standing at the threshold of an extraordinary discovery: if we will love others as ourselves, we will discover the Upper, Eternal, and Perfect World.

We shouldn’t suppress our desires, but correct them and use them correctly. Today, when egoism is ready to swallow the entire world, we are already able to transform ourselves and attain eternal fulfillment. We must only realize that a body needs just the vital necessities, whereas all other pleasures are discovered when we come out of ourselves.

The financial crisis shows us that money is a connection between us. The disaster has to “get under our skin,” because otherwise we will continue just like before. It is similar to the story about Pharaoh, who was beaten by ten plagues in order to finally allow the Jews to leave him. Hence, the crisis is not over, and the real blow is still ahead. We still don’t feel that the banking disarray, the climate problems, the disintegration of the family unit, depression, drugs, and the crisis in science and education – are all one common result of a disrupted connection between people.

The science of Kabbalah enables us to recognize the evil without actually becoming immersed it. We must put all our efforts into explaining to people that “Everyone needs the world and the world needs everyone.” People must now recognize that salvation lies in unifying with each other.

The world’s troubles will vary according to our ability to offer the world a remedy: the method of correction. The science of Kabbalah not only enables us to solve the problems of our world, but to capitalize on them and reveal the Spiritual World. This is indeed “the revelation of the Creator to the creatures in this world,” which is the definition of the essence of Kabbalah. Essentially, the correct connection between people is the Creator.

We have to connect with the world and its suffering, and try to explain the solution by all means possible. We can discern the disasters in the spiritual dimension and encounter them there, without letting things develop to the physical tragedies. Everything depends on the dissemination of the science of Kabbalah.

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