The Financial Crisis May Trigger A World War

Neither Side Is Right In This WarNews Report: As the crisis develops, scientists are trying to predict whether a third World War will take place at the end of the “Second Great Depression,” as it happened after the First Great Depression. In the International Security Report 2008, researchers from the Oxford Research Group (ORG) assert that war is inevitable unless immediate economic changes are made. The social unrest will erupt in a violent, armed struggle for survival. Experts say it is necessary to institute social justice and fair commerce, to write off debts and reduce toxic emissions into the atmosphere.

My Comment: Everyone agrees with the scientists that this is better than a nuclear war, but who’s going to establish this new order? For that to happen we would have to have a different nature, and such a nature can only appear in man under the influence of the Upper Light. All heads of governments without exception are afraid of unleashing a war. They understand that it’s possible to “accidentally” trigger a process through a terrorist attack or provocation by a third party, which will sweep all countries involuntarily and uncontrollably toward World War III.

Kabbalah states that there is only one alternative to war: to use all the mass media channels to provide a universal explanation of the new global interdependence and the need to create new global relationships of kindness. Then the social opinion will influence every individual, because man was created such that he is fully controlled by the social opinion. And if any regime will disagree with this global agreement, it will have to be isolated from the entire world.

By undertaking this, mankind will become similar to Nature (the Creator) and will immediately discover Nature’s good influence on all levels of our existence, from ecology to finance. For more on this, see item 155 of the “Introduction to Talmud Esser Sefirot.”

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  1. Are you refering to the New World Order that was predicted to come durring the Anti-Christ that will lead the world in to World War III.  Are you a proponent of this order yourself. 

  2. Dear Sir,
    I really like your concepts. I am working on a project whose purpose is to secure a better world for all mankind.

  3. A world war would devastate the world in amounts unlike before. Nuclear weapons and advanced technology will not only put the entire human species on the brink of ceasing to exist, but also creating an aftermath of an uninhabitable earth for the remaining survivors.

  4. While I can offer no comment with respect to the uniquie religious/philosophiocal perspective through which this world war scenario is being viewed, I have felt for sometime now that a global conflict, by accident or design, would be the only way to solve many of the enormous problmes that humanity and this planet now face.

    I do not offer my opinion that world war III, in the traditonal sense of a global mobilization of armed forces, will commence within the next six months with pride, arrogance or pleasure.  I have a young child and my heart is breaking at the though of what awaits him and us all.

    To be colloquial, I think the cliche that “money is the root of all evil” will soon show itself to be one of the most poignant and accurate expressions of the human condition ever uttered.

    May God, Christ, Yaweh, Allah, Buddha, etc. save us from ourselves!   

  5. It doesn’t have to end that way.

    What we need is to defend free market capitalism from government agression.

    We need to develop transactional technologies which will enable individuals to circumvent government taxes and regulation while doing business with each other.

    It’s the concept of the nation-state which is endangering humanity. The nation state robs individuals and businesses of their earnings then builds armies and mass destruction weapons and wage war.

    But it doesn’t have to end that way, we can eliminate the concept of the nation-state and install the concept of the free man and citizen of the world.

    Imagine treating commercial transactions like files, then encrypting and hashing those transactions into billions of subtransactions over the internet.

    The government could never keep track of all the commerce that will be ongoing. The government will no longer be able to tax and regulate and the government will simply disappear because it will not be able to adapt to the fast pace of change that those new transactional technologies will bring.

    In the 21st century, this will be the end of the nation state.

  6. sir,

    i agree that the current economic crisis might be the reason for a world war. but i also think that humanity and humans are aware of what world war 3 means….without any doubt, it means annihilation to most of the world’s population…..back to colonial days….slavery………

    are we on the top of the curve now…….so that we should go down and fight in global war…..

    im not sure…but since 11 september 2001, i knew that something has changed and the world is not like before…..and anything can jhappen anytime

  7. A nuclear conflict such as the aforementioned World War III could lead to a possible destruction of the planet.

  8. Nuclear accident is way to triger WWIII.

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