The Financial Crisis Makes Israelis Want To Return To Israel

returnNews Report (translated from All Israeli consulates in North America report an influx of Israelis requesting to return home. The reason for this extreme bout of patriotism is the financial crisis, which has caused many people to lose all of their savings.

Many applicants to return to Israel say that they can’t even afford their return ticket. They’re being threatened to be evicted for failure to pay their mortgages. Many are calling in pleading for assistance to buy food.

My Comment: There’s a saying, “The world is ruled by love and hunger.” In Kabbalah, this means that a person can aspire to the goal with love, or be driven to it by suffering. One way or another, he is obligated to reach the goal. In this case, people are driven by hunger!

In addition, there will be those who will refuse to leave, similar to the Jews who didn’t want to leave Nazi Germany, and they may possibly face the same consequences (see the article, “The Last Generation” and the newspaper, “The Nation”).

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