The Body’s Death Does Not Affect The Soul

We Are In the Center of All the WorldsThree questions I received on spiritual attainment throughout different life cycles:

Question: If one’s soul has already ascended to a certain degree in the previous life cycle, how does one ascend in the current life cycle?

My Answer: In the new life cycle, the person quickly attains his previous spiritual level and then continues to ascend higher. It’s because the soul has no age, and the body’s death does not affect it at all.

Question: Is it possible to reach the next spiritual level in the current life cycle, without dying first?

My Answer: Anyone whose point in the heart has been revealed can attain his full correction within one life cycle, without leaving it and returning for another life cycle.

Question: How do the people who never knew or studied Kabbalah attain the Upper Spirit? What is the outcome of their life when they leave our world? Do they attain the Light unconsciously, and to what degree?

My Answer: To attain the Upper Spirit means to attain the Upper Light. This is possible only by means of a screen – an anti-egoistic quality that emerges in us under the influence of the Upper Correcting Light (Ohr Makif). This Light descends on us only during the study of authentic Kabbalistic sources.

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  1. It seems to me some people live in conditions (socially, financially, physically, mentally, etc) that are simply not conducive to entering spirituality, even though they may have a point in the heart and even though they may start studying Kabbalah.  However, it seems to me that without attaining at least “entry level” spirituality – crossing the machsom – all such study is to no avail. Is there at least something they can do to increase the likelihood of living under circumstances that are conducive to fully developing their point in the heart to the effect of crossing the machsom in their next life?

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