Souls and Bodies: How Many Do We Need?

lifeA question I received: As the population grows and develops, does this mean that the egoism also increases since it is distributed according to the number of people (for example, seven billion)? What happens to the egoism if the population is reduced, for example, after wars or natural disasters?

My Answer: The common soul divides into whatever number of souls it takes to overcome the egoism of each one. A war brings about suffering, which allows people to overcome egoism. Therefore, the population is reduced. This doesn’t happen because of the war, but because the souls do not need so many bodies.

Whether people live or die is determined by the necessity of the soul’s correction. However, in our world we are only able to see the result of this action – the body’s death, rather than the real reason for it. Thus, we draw our conclusions according to this degree of concealment of the world from us.

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