Real Care Is Helping Others To Develop, Instead Of Giving Them Charity

RussiaNews Report (from Paradoxically, most of the nations where people are starving belong to the array of long-term suppliers of agricultural production to the West. Having even no food processing industry of their own, they are forced to sell their crops for a song. The list of suppliers includes former colonies and protectorates of Western powers, now hypocritically qualified as “developing nations”. According to UN FAO and UN’s economic commissions for Africa, Western Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Sahel Council, the potential reserves of these nations are sufficient for feeding at least half of the world’s population. In case these countries develop modern agrochemical technologies and food processing, they will get rid of the threat of famine.”

My Comment: Caring for others means helping them to develop, rather than “throwing them a bone” (charity), which makes them even more dependent. The Torah obligates parents to make sure their children get a profession, and then to stop feeding them! Otherwise, the children will remain undeveloped.

We must finally start perceiving the world as a whole, rather than separated into countries, continents, races, and nations. This is how it is on the inside; this is its true structure. Precisely this perception or lack thereof determines the state we’re in.

A question I received: If the developed countries will provide a good standard of living to the non-developed ones, they will take away their ability to develop. Is this what kind of “help” is currently being provided for Africa? Then what would be the right way to help?

My Answer: Act the same way you would in your family – then you can’t go wrong!

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