Is the Global Market About To Turn Into A Global Flea Market?

A Crisis Is a Crisis News Report (from The Associated Press): German Sterligov, a onetime boy wonder of Russia’s young market economy and one of Russia’s first multimillionaires, claims to have a solution to his country’s economic turmoil. He and former business associates, he said, have set up an “anti-crisis commodity transactions center” for commodity bartering. “It is an electronic substitute for money, not linked with the dollar, euro or ruble,” he explained. Sterligov predicted that agriculture and land ownership will soon become the new oil for the oligarchs. “A lot of them are looking at the land and cows now,” he said. “Metals are no longer valuable. It’s sheep, cows, oats, grain, olive oil, honey that’s turned into gold.”

My Comment: Well, what else is one to do when a bank turns out to be the least reliable place to keep your money or mediate your payments? But there’s no going back. Humanity will not be able to go back to a barter system or even to bills and notes. This would only be possible in very limited locations and amounts. The program of creation will force us to forgo all the tricks and realize that the only available path is to correct our ego!

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