Ideas Of Unity Are In The Air

The Creator Will Become Revealed Inside the Unity of Our Virtual Meeting SpaceA question I received: The second part of the film Zeitgeist was recently released. It encourages all of humanity to unite and gives advice on how to build the new world order based on equal distribution of resources, a new education, and mutual guarantee. It also refers to the laws of nature. Are these people our partners?

My Answer: No. In fact, I’m not even familiar with this movement. However, the ideas of unity and globality are already in the air and I’m happy that more and more people are realizing that it’s urgently necessary to implement them in the human society.

However, the correction can only be achieved by the Upper Light, which descends while people study its Source. The description of the Light’s Source is found only in the authentic Kabbalistic books, and in our time, the most effective books are Baal HaSulam’s. That’s why we study them all the time. There’s nothing for me to look for anywhere else because I’ve already proven to myself and through myself that this method is effective.

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An Introduction to Kabbalah Books

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  1. Dearest Rav,

    Is it possible for a Kabbalist to be born in a total different environment than before (i.e. country, gender, culture, etc), and what about the desire for direct contact with the Creator, does he get to keep those levels achieved in the “past”, and start the new incarnation with that point in the heart as was left in the previous one?
     Or as part of the whole organism, he still would have to experience everything from every different perspective? Help!

    Much appreciated you are dear Rav.


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