Coping Strategies In Time Of Crisis: Therapy, Antidepressants, And Even Fortunetellers

anythingNews Report (translated from The global financial crisis is bringing people all over the world to a state of severe hysteria. People cave in to panic, where they are prone to thoughtless actions in an effort to preserve their savings. The Germans are looking for an answer in socialistic literature, the Chinese are rallying against the Communist party, the Americans are suppressing their fear of losing money with antidepressants, and the Russians are going to psychics and fortunetellers for advice. People all over the world are suddenly drawn to religion.

My Comment: Man is a weak and fragile creature. When he feels afraid, helpless and uncertain, he needs support from the environment, whether it’s a therapist, a group of friends, a war, a family or so on. Or he disconnects from reality through drugs, mystical methods or religion. This is why Hollywood became popular during the Great Depression.

However, now the times have changed because we are in a period of transition from a world of individuals to a global world. The only salvation lies in the source that will tell us about this new world, and that source is Kabbalah – and nothing else. That is because we are now revealing the quality of unity in the world, which is the Creator’s quality. And the method of Kabbalah is the way to attain it.

Hence after all their quests and errors, people will come to Kabbalah. Alternatively, we can explain to people that the key to happiness is already in their hands, like in the Pinocchio story!

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