Women Need to Work On Correction Just Like Men

Women Have to Work on Correction Just Like MenTwo questions I received on women in Kabbalah

Question: Is it true that a woman only lives once and doesn’t reincarnate, and this is why she shouldn’t study Kabbalah?

My Answer: Women must study and correct themselves just like men, but according to the structure of the feminine soul. Women reincarnate just like men do, and incidentally, so does everything that exists, whether it’s on the still, vegetative, or animate level of nature. It’s because the desires of all species and levels must reach their final state – absolute similarity to the property of bestowal!

Question: I had recently started studying Kabbalah and the one thing that I have understood so far is that we are built of desire, and desire is the main theme of our existence. Moreover, I understood that we should not suppress our desires but correct them, so that they serve our Creator. However, what about sexual desires? I love my husband with all my heart and want to spend my life with him, but I can’t help how I feel towards other men. So, my question is – if I should not suppress these desires according to Kabbalah (as I have been doing so far), what approach can I take to channel my desire and make it benefit others and the Creator?

My Answer: You will be able to distribute your desires correctly only by increasing the importance of the goal (the attainment of the Creator), through participating in the common study, group, and dissemination. Your desires will then evoke Ohr Makif – the Upper Light, which will make all the necessary changes in you, bringing you to peace and harmony.

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