Why Does a Kabbalist Wear a Skullcap?

Why Does a Kabbalist Wear a Skullcap?A question I received: You insist that a person studying Kabbalah shouldn’t make any external changes in his regular life, and that he should be concerned just with the inner work. In addition, you speak exclusively to the secular audience. So why does everyone in Bnei Baruch in Israel, where all your lessons are broadcast from, wear skullcaps? After all, for a secular person this is a dramatic change in outer appearance.

My Answer: As long as society hasn’t reached a complete understanding of what is Kabbalah and what is religion, we must be acceptable to the entire society. And the society, even a secular one, thinks that a Kabbalist has to look religious and wear a skullcap. In addition, this is a tradition, part of the Israeli nation’s culture, its custom, and this is why we observe it in Israel. Of course, it completely doesn’t matter what I wear around my animate body, but to people who are still uncorrected, such an external aspect also makes a difference.

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  1. Shalom Rav Laitman,I appreciate your answer regarding a skullcap. However, there are innumerable mitzvot that would and do fall in this category, such as tzitzit, tefilin, and others. Why limit it to the skullcap?

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