The Torah, The Book of Devarim, Chapter Vaetchanan

And I prayed to G-d: Lord! Let me cross Jordan, and I shall see this good land! But G-d became angry with me because of you and said: Do not speak to Me of this anymore! Rise to the summit, look west, north, south and east, for you shall not cross Jordan! And give an order to Joshua, and strengthen him, for he shall become the head of the nation and he shall conquer for them the land that you will see.

And now, Israel, hear the rulings and laws that I teach you to observe, in order that you will live, and come, and take possession of the land that G-d, the Almighty of your fathers, is giving you! Do not add to what I command you, and do not subtract from it, in order to observe the commandments of your G-d.

Just protect your soul, so you won’t forget what your eyes have seen, and so it won’t leave your heart for the rest of your days, and tell of them to your sons and to the sons of your sons: Of the day when you stood before G-d at Chorev. And you drew near, and stood by the mountain, and the mountain is burning with fire to the heart of the heavens ― darkness, a cloud and shadows. And G-d spoke to you out of the fire: you heard His Voice, but did not see His Image. And He declared His Covenant to you, which He commanded you to observe, the Ten Commandments, and He carved them on two stone tablets. And at that time G-d commanded me to teach you the rulings and the laws, so you would observe them in the land that you are entering, in order to take possession of it.

Protect your souls, since you did not see any image when G-d spoke to you, so that you won’t become corrupted and make idols, images like that of a man or a woman, or of an animal, bird, reptile or fish.

So that when you look at the sky and see the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and all the host of heaven, you won’t be tempted to worship them and to serve that which G-d created for all the other nations. And G-d had taken you and brought you out of Egypt, so you would be His nation, His lot.

When you become corrupted and make an effigy of some image, you shall disappear completely from the land to which you are journeying through Jordan. And G-d shall scatter you among the nations, you shall become few among the nations to which G-d shall lead you.

In the hardships, when all of these predictions shall come upon you, at the end of days, you shall return to G-d and you shall heed His voice. For He is merciful, and He will not abandon you, destroy you, or forget the covenant made with your fathers. So today attain and accept with your heart that G-d is Almighty, in the heavens and on earth, and there is no other.

And Moshe gathered and passed on G-d’s word: “I am G-d, your Almighty, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. May you have no other gods but Me. Do not make an effigy of an image of what is in the heavens, and on earth, and in the water. Do not worship or serve them. Do not pronounce G-d’s name in vain. Observe the Sabbath, in order to sanctify it. Work for six days, but the seventh day, the Sabbath is for G-d: do not perform any work, neither you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your slave, nor your bull, nor your donkey, nor any of your cattle, nor a foreigner. And remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and this is why G-d commanded you to keep the Sabbath Day. Honor your father and mother, as G-d has commanded you, so that your days will be prolonged and so you will feel good in the land that G-d, your Almighty, is giving you.

Do not kill, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not bear false witness. Do not desire your neighbor’s wife, house, field, slave, bull, donkey, or anything else that your neighbor has.

These are the words that G-d spoke to your entire assembly from the mountain, out of fire, cloud and shadows, in a loud voice, and continued no more; and He carved them on two stone tablets, and gave them to me. And you heard the voice out of darkness, all the heads of your tribes came to me and said: Behold, G-d has shown us His glory, today we have seen that the Almighty speaks to a man, and he still lives.

And here are the laws that G-d commanded to teach you. Hear, O Israel, G-d is our Almighty, G-d is one! Love your G-d with all your heart, all your soul, and all your being. And these words that I command you today shall be in your heart. And repeat them to your sons, and speak them while sitting in your house, walking on the path, lying down and getting up. And bind them as a sign unto your hand, and let them be signs between your eyes. And carve them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.


  1. it will be very interesting if Rav Laitman give us some kabbalistic interpretations of  the holy Torah.

  2. It will be very grateful if a Rav Laitman could give us kabbalistic interpretations about Tora´s weekly portion.

  3. I would love a kabbalistic interpretation of the torah weekly portion!!!!!

  4. Me too. I would really appreciate the kabbalistic interpretation of weekly torah portion.

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