On Authentic Sources

On Authentic SourcesA question I received: Wasn’t it proved that the books of Joseph Flavius are false? A lot has been written about this.

My Answer: I don’t believe anything or anyone. Every researcher is first and foremost an egoist, wanting to “discover” something in order to get famous and to prove that he’s worth something, at least to himself! I wouldn’t base my life on any sources except authentic Kabbalistic ones. So it doesn’t really matter whether they are correct. All the books, other than those written from the attainment of the Upper Worlds, might as well disappear. What do we need them for? The only use we have for them is to verify, through the path of suffering, that the only science is the attainment of the Upper Governing Force.

I understand that my words might be confusing, but any act one makes that isn’t aimed at the root of one’s soul, even the most beautiful and aesthetic act, made “with the best intentions” etc., only causes suffering in the world. And even with books written from the attainment of the Upper Worlds – we still need to select those that lead us to the goal in the shortest and most direct way. Read Kabbalists’ advice about this (below).

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  1. What is the purpose of attainment when you understand that even in suffering” it is no one else beside Him” should we now move on and experience life as He has intended for us to know and experience His love in a deeper richer depths in different situation. Taking on a different form for us to stop running/hiding from real life experiences but to learn under His tutelage of grace and mercy covering different life time, we will say “It is you my Lord, I did know that”.

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