Advice for Beginners – Find the Answers Inside Yourself

Advice for Beginners - Find the Answers Inside YourselfTwo questions I received on being confused at the beginning of the spiritual path

Question: Where should I start? I don’t mean what to start studying or other actions, but rather – what point of reference and what question should I start with?

My Answer: This is something you have to find inside yourself. Usually it’s the question, “Why do I live? What is the meaning of my life and the meaning of suffering? I don’t see any point or reason to live,” and so on. It’s best to start with my book Attaining the Worlds Beyond.

Question: I study every day, but sometimes I’m overcome by the feeling of disappointment, because I have no idea how to do the things I’m reading about. Sometimes I can understand a little bit of what I’m reading, and even feel it , but moments later I forget all of it, and I’m again left with no idea what I was learning, what I was thinking, and how I can do something. Do you have any advice for me?

My Answer: You will forget everything you learn until you absorb the material inside you, make it your own, and feel that it’s speaking about you and what’s inside you. However, this is a stage and it will pass, because you’re being influenced by the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) – and then you’ll find what the Kabbalists are talking about inside you.And after that, “a person’s soul will teach him.” Incidentally, the sensation that everything is forgotten quickly indicates that you are going through different states quickly, and you should be happy about this!

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