We Are The Pioneers!

We are the Pioneers!A question I received: Kabbalists wrote a great deal about the men’s need for a group, the exile, the future generation and correction. However, they didn’t write about women and the time when a strong female desire will force men to correct the world. Why didn’t they write about women and how a woman should progress?

My Answer: Everything’s meant to happen in due time. The future is unknown, and our actions determine how it will unfold. At every stage, we gain a new realization of how we should progress. In Kabbalah we work with the Upper World, the Creator, and we cannot predict the outcome of our actions ahead of time. It’s because we are dealing with an enormous mechanism – a system of souls, filled with the Upper Light.

The only place where Baal HaSulam wrote about the future is in his personal notes. There he wrote about the different possibilities, but what will actually happen depends entirely on our actions. From the manuscripts he left behind, we’ve compiled a collection of articles called “The Future Generation,” as well as four books called Fruit of Wisdom (Pri Hacham, volumes 1 – 4).

Now is the first time that the method of the world’s correction is being realized, and Baal HaSulam, Rav Kook, and other Kabbalists of the 20th century all wrote about this. Hence, we are the pioneers in this process. Kabbalists, including the prophets, described only the law of nature and its strict execution (the path of Beito, lit. “in its time”). They described how this law of nature would manifest without man’s intervention, or in other words, what would happen if nature forces us to attain correction.

But those who aspire for correction can accelerate this process (the path of Achishena, lit. “I will hasten it”) and thereby experience it positively. In this case, the prophecies are not talking about us, because we mitigate and accelerate them with the help of the Upper Light, which returns us to the Source.

This is also why Kabbalists did not describe women’s intervention in the common correction. They considered it a part of the common movement. Today, aided by their texts, we are embarking on this path.

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  1. From what I have learned and understood from Kabbalah so far, is that a Woman’s work is much harder than a Man’s work, simply because it is vague and not concrete. And once the women find a way to show their deficit, will their work be considered equal to the men’s work? Or are we going to be invisible and unimportant like in the time of Babylon?

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