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You may ask me any questions you like on this page. I receive questions in many languages so, unfortunately, I am unable to get to every question. I try to select questions which speak to the widest readership, and you can search for my answers in upcoming blog posts. (If you subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed, then you can follow each new post from the moment it is added – click here to subscribe.)

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Moreover, if you are studying Kabbalah materials, you can ask me questions related to the materials, and get answers live, in the daily Kabbalah lessons I teach from the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, Israel, which are broadcast live on Kabbalah TV: 3:00am until 6:00am Israel (GMT+2) time, Sunday to Friday [Time Zone Converter].

Recent Questions

  1. For the sake of Jewish dissemination, would it be worth while to get “friendly” with various Jewish organizations? Is this possible given the rise in antisemitism?

  2. Are we allow or forbidden to include the Metsudah Siddur in our Bnei Baruch reading material? I look forward to your reply.

  3. Dear Rav,
    What is your opinion and knowledge of the Philosophy of Ayn Rand who taught the opposite to (Kabbalah) concerning the ego,Altruism,Freedom of thought and Individualism?

  4. The American Indian seemed to have live in harmony with nature for thousands of years. Why did they come to such a violent end when the Europeans found them? What did it mean in Kabbalahist terms?

  5. – Why do you say that one shouldn’t see a psychic to know about the future but you always give predictions about the future yourself ? For example , you say that Things will get worse with anti-semitism in America , that things in Italy will get worse etc… What is the difference between what you say and what a psychic would say ? Isn’t the future determine by our spiritual work anyway and not written in stone ? So how can you make predictions about the future in that case ?

    – Were all of your students part of the 12 tribes in previous lifetimes ?

    – If Yossi Ben Kisma saw his students being at a very high spiritual level why do you see your own students not even on the first spiritual degree like you mentioned in one of your lesson this week ?

    – You wrote in one of the post on your blog that everyone is Jewish . What did you mean by that ?

    – Do you hate American Jews ? You once said during one of your lessons : ” I hate them . I hate their attitude towards Israel” . Can you please explain your quote .

    – Do you hate Liberals and Democrats ? You’ve been calling them Fascists , Nazis and Tyrants recently . Can you please explain your insults towards them and why to you think that Conservatives and Republicans are not Fascists , Nazis and Tyrants ? Is it possible that you only get bias news stories from the right-wing medias and this is why you think this way like the people who hate Israel because of the bias in the pro-palestinians news outlets ?

  6. Can a wife influence her husband if he has a drug addiction?

  7. You have determined the beginning as the creator created a vessel by it’s light and then the light’s 4 phases fallowed. Then the upper worlds determined and also created being has created. But , my question is ; what is the source of the creator ? where and how he is happened ?

  8. Dear Michael Laitman

    I don’t even know where to start asking questions as I sit here to type this. My name is David Browne and I’m relatively new to the study of kabbalah. I am on your book Attaining The World Beyond right now and I have to say, from what I have been reading so far and the more I continue to read I feel that what I am doing is right. How do I really speak to the creator? I kind of understand the concept of prayer and asking him for help. I just don’t know how to go about doing it. I mean do I go to a quiet place and speak out loud to the great one or is silently thinking about the creator, what he wants for me, and the help that I need good enough? I get confused sometimes when I think about things in life and why they are going in the direction they do. I have been told that this is a good thing, is this true to be confused? I just dislike being confused because it causes me anxiety sometimes and that’s discomforting. I just need some advice and guidance from someone who I feel can answer. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I do hope I meet you in the future. Peace and Love to you Michael Laitman.

  9. I have been studying this wisdom for some time now. Also, have been involved with Alcoholics Anonymous for over a year. AA seems to emphasize the group like you, although it is the aa group. And they emphasize relationships for recovery, suggesting their steps and Big Book as means of recovery and growth. I do not have access to a kabbalah group in my NW PA area, but I do the aa group I have been with. I get a lot out of your teaching and material would not give that up. Question: Since I do not currently have a specific kabbalah group, should I make the most of the aa group for the time being, in order to complement the kabbalah study or are the two groups mutually exclusive, and would I just be confusing myself?

  10. My dear mentor,

    Our friend, Eliyahu Stern, is struggling to leave Germany and return home to the US. Pardon me if this is inappropriate, but he is so good, so strong in his desire to please the Creator, and so very, very loving to his friends. He has found his voice. He needs us, as we do him. I guess I am asking you, along with us, his friends, to shine some intentionality…no not some, but laser focused intention…to even become this intention…that he knows, and listens, and that one whom I believe, in my arrogance,pleases the Creator, comes home safely. The Creator will sustain him and keep him in life. My heart is this message to him. Thank you for your time. He is a young, but genuine up and coming Kabbalist. With every good wish, and with love, Jo Spiller

  11. Dear Dr. Laitman,

    What are the limits of free speech according to the wisdom of Kabbalah? Surely one is not entitled to fan the flames of hatred, but on the other hand, the right of individuals to express themselves is precious. I’m thinking of Milo Yiannopoulos.

  12. How does a man save himself from disease and stress when it is overwhelming even for him to reach himself to God? Now, I understand that God himself is the only source who can cure anything, and nobody is worthy except by His mercy, but is there a way to make things more favorable in his lifestyle?

  13. Kabbalist texts speak nothing about this world. It’s a symbolic language. You are reading it how you see this worlda and now you see this world only through your ego, that’s how religion appeared, they don’t understand what they are reading. Kabbalist texts uses words from this world but has nothing to do with it.

  14. So something strange happened to me. I usually have very vivid dreams. I always have since I can remember. I have read a few things from you about dreams.
    Last night I dreamt I was thinking about stealing from a store, but my dream self convinced myself not to do this, because I am studying Kabbalah and I need to perform good deeds and stop being selfish. I have never ever dreamt about thinking about Kabbalah. Never. I was so surprised to see it is even effecting my subconscious mind. Does this mean anything?
    Also, random thought.
    Everything in this world is a made up perception based on our ego. What are thoughts on afterlife for souls? As in people that claim to receive messages from passed loved ones, or ghosts and supernatural phenomenons? I’ve never really held much thought to it, but considering this is the first time I’ve ever found truth in something, I was curious if our souls go straight into the next reincarnation, or if there is a lingering period on this world, or if that’s not even possible because this isn’t even reality. I’m just curious!
    Thank you 🙂

  15. Hi Mr. Laitman ,

    I have a few questions about the lesson you gave today .

    1. You said to one of your student that he doesn’t know what Integral Education is . I see this student for many years , how is it possible that someone who study kabbalah for so many years still don’t know what Integral Education is ?

    2. Why you said that actors are all empty ? Do you believe that someone who’s profession is actor is more empty than other professions like construction workers, businessman or salesperson for exemple ?

    3. You criticized democracy saying that common people are not educated enough to make a good decision in elections . What do you suggest until people are all educated properly ? Do you imply that in the meantime a dictatorship is a better solution ?

    4. You gave the exemple of Tycoons sealing money and that in a correct society , the people with surplus will give it to benefit society . A few months ago you said that Mark Zuckenberg who will give 45 billion dollar from his fortune back to society ( to help fight Ebola and other diseases for example ) was something pointless and it was better if he will burn this money instead . Can you comment on this statement and explain the difference between giving back to a society who went through Integral Education courses and giving back to society like Zuckenberg is doing like giving food to starving people , giving money to schools and helping to treat preventable diseases . Should wealthy people keep all their money for themselves until everyone receives Integral Education first ?

    5. Baal Hasulam wrote that after receiving the correct education people will want to change and give back to society because people want the approval of society . What about the many people who don’t care about what society and others think about them ? There is a lot of people like this in the world who don’t care what others think or about the majority’s opinion .What will happen with those people who don’t care at all about receiving honors from society ?

    6. You mentioned often the phenomenon of the disappearing middle class. Today you said ” What will happen when only 1000 people have all the money and all the rest are poor ?” It is true that the very wealthy people are becoming a lot richer but a lot of expert says that the middle class is increasing instead of disappearing and is even getting richer also . I know you doubt a lot what the media says when it’s contrary to your statements and opinions but can you please comment on that ?

  16. I want to know if you suggest your students who wants to attain spirituality to restrict or refrain from certain sexual behaviors? As a man , I really enjoy traditional sex in missionary position with one woman but sometimes I also like variety in my sexual life like having gay sex , threesomes , giving oral sex , having anal sex and I like sometimes to watch couples who are filming themselves having sex on the internet because I’m very curious to see what other people are doing in bed. Is there any sexual practice that you suggest not to engage in because it goes against spiritual roots or is it ok to continue having lots of fun experimenting with different kinds of sex ?

  17. Dear Mr. Laitman ,

    I think you should apologize to your students for saying at the lesson today that you are pretty sure that the people who are coming to Kabbalah are the worse people . Most of your students I know are great people who treat others nicely and work hard to provide for their families . How can you say that they are worse people than thieves , rapists and serial killers ?

    I also have a personal concern about the Maaser I am paying to your organization . I’m giving 10% of my income to Bnei Baruch for many years . I always been told that I give this money for the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah . However , lately most of your dissemination and articles have been towards promoting your political opinions and about your support for Donald Trump .You also recently put lot of efforts to delegetimize the media and you even told lies in your latest article about CNN news . If I wanted to disseminate my support to Right Wing politicians and to attack the media , I would give my money directly to the Republican party . We give money to your organization to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah , connection and unity between people not to promote the Republican political agenda . Your coverage of American politics has been completely bias and I think it’s time for you to stop or I will personally stop contributing financially to your organization for so-called “dissemination” . What you have been posting online lately is not dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah but mostly pro Right Wing politic ” brainwashing” .

  18. Hi Mr. Laitman ,

    I have questions about what you said in today’s lesson . Maybe it is clear for Jewish people who have been persecuted throughout history and who have been talk about very negatively or for Israelis where the cost of living is so expensive compared to the salary yjey are earning but for people like me who just came from Canada and who are born in a wealthy family , it is not clear at all that the world is in a state of crisis . I actually see the world as getting better and better . Can you please say during you lesson that this is your point of view and not say that it’s everyone’s point of view because this is a lie . I know you think that you are right by seeing the world as all bad and getting worse but some people do agree with me that things are actually better than they were before . I know you probably think that people like me are brainwashed by the “evil” media that is trying to hide the crisis but some things are just facts that I can prove.

  19. How do you deal with the fear of the darkness? I know I won’t defeat my ego until I reach that absolute darkness that allows me to cry out with real desire. I know I can’t do this without the creator. I know what will happen. But how do I do it fearlessly? I lost so many people in my last dark place. I did so many wrongs. I hurt so many people. I was suicidal, thoughtless and helpless. I know I am strong enough to handle it and not scare people with the threats of suicide. But that place was so dark and lonely. How did you handle all of the suffering? How did you do it without fearing the next drought of light?

  20. Dear Mr. Laitman ,

    I was listening to your lessons today and yesterday and you said the following :

    – People in Hollywood are the garbage of the garbage .
    – Judges are corrupt .
    – Everyone in the world is in despair .
    – Democrats who are protesting in the United States are becoming fascists .
    – Barack Obama did nothing good during his mandate .

    You said many times during the last ten years that i’m listening to you that everyone judges according to their own flaws . You said many times that everyone is corrected except the one judging . Can you explain how you can pass judgements on people or groups of people if in fact someone judges only according to it’s own flaws ? Is it possible that perhaps it is your flaws that you see in those people and not true reality or do you believe that you are already completely corrected ? Wouldn’t you see everyone has good if it was the case ?

    Is it possible that :

    – Some people in Hollywood are very charitable individuals who use their fame to bring spotlight on important causes they cherish ? For exemple , Leonardo DiCaprio trying to prevent climate changes or Angelina Jolie adopting many starving children from Africa .

    – Some judges are very competent and take their work very seriously and have a lot of integrity ? This is definitely what I think of my mother who is a judge .

    – Is it possible that in the developed countries, 77% of people are happy, a rate that rose to 88% in Sweden, 85% in Australia and 83% in the US. ( you can see the results of this survey here :

    – Is it possible that women marching in Washington right now are not fascists but people who are concerned about their human rights and trying to show to the new president that they disagree with his discourse during his campaign that says to the whole world that it’s ok to call women fat pigs , to decide for them their reproduction rights and that it’s ok to grab women’s genitals without their consent .

    – Is it possible that Barack Obama achieved the following during his 8 years as President of the United States : cutting the unemployment rate from 10% to 4.7% over six years , Signed the Affordable Care Act which provided health insurance to over 20 million uninsured Americans, Ended the war in Iraq , Ordered for the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden, Passed the $787 billion America Recovery and Reinvestment Act to spur economic growth during the Great Recession, Supported the LGBT community’s fight for marriage equality, Commuted the sentences of nearly 1200 drug offenders to reverse “unjust and outdated prison sentences”, Began the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan , Dropped the veteran homeless rate by 50 percent, Began the process of normalizing relations with Cuba, Boosted fuel efficiency standards for cars, Improved school nutrition with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, Repealed the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, Signed the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, making it a federal crime to assault anyone based on sexual or gender identification, He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to combat pay discrimination against women, Launched My Brother’s Keeper, a White House initiative designed to help young minorities achieve their full potential , Expanded embryonic stem cell research leading to groundbreaking work in areas including spinal injury treatment and cancer . ( source : )

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