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You may ask me any questions you like on this page. I receive questions in many languages so, unfortunately, I am unable to get to every question. I try to select questions which speak to the widest readership, and you can search for my answers in upcoming blog posts. (If you subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed, then you can follow each new post from the moment it is added – click here to subscribe.)

Daily Lessons
Moreover, if you are studying Kabbalah materials, you can ask me questions related to the materials, and get answers live, in the daily Kabbalah lessons I teach from the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, Israel, which are broadcast live on Kabbalah TV: 3:00am until 6:00am Israel (GMT+2) time, Sunday to Friday [Time Zone Converter].

Recent Questions

  1. In regards to the inner and outer light, is it true to say the inner light is contained beneath the screen and desires to open a door so to speak to welcome inside the outer light, to unite/merge Into a great light? Pressuring the screen from within while the outer pushes from outside.

  2. Hello
    Rav often emphasizes the need to publicize the convention information well ahead of time. It is now about three weeks before the Germany and five weeks before the Georgia Conventions. Yet, I still cannot find any information on Svivia Tova or various BB English websites as to the cities/towns where the convention would take place to, at least, arrange for air tickets.

    If I may suggest, it could be beneficial to BB and the students if there was a common/global landing page/website in Hebrew, Russian, English and Spanish where essential primary information would be listed, such as convention dates, cities and countries.

    Thank you for all your efforts and everything you do.

  3. what does it mean to pray nine times a day

  4. What spiritual discernments should a person make when his forearms are distinctly given the physical sensation of being wrapped, or under some sort of physical pressure?

  5. I am not finding mine twin soul what should i do? I have no reason to live

  6. Dear Rav!
    How do you see “Objectivism” in Kabbalah and if it exists or not?

  7. What does Michael Laitman say about David Lynch’s recent return of the Twin Peaks Series to TV? It has been described as evocative of “the kabbalistic state of nothingness before God breathes life into his divine creation, birthing the universe”. Can he please watch it and touch on how this kind of “surreal art” can carry the hidden wisdom, or at least a perspective on kabbalah?

  8. Dear Dr. Laitman,
    Would like to ask you as both a Rabbi and an Israeli citizen your view on what happened at the Chicago Dyke March & Women Asked To Leave It Offer Different Accounts Of Conflict Over Star Of David Pride Flags?

  9. Hi,
    Most of my actions and speech is fear and survival dominated, which seems to override any thoughts of altruism at all. How do I overcome that?

  10. Dear Rav,
    Concerning the Unity of the Jews.. what is your opinion on the Governments decision regarding the Kotel and the issue of conversion?

  11. Dear Rav,

    I sharply identify in my heart and gut that my own people, Israel, and mostly Bnei Baruch as the source of all the evil and good in the world. But now, I mostly feel it as the source of all hatred in the world. And my feelings are making me justify certain horrific acts done against them. What is the medicine for the people of Israel?!

    Why do I perceive these as external enemies and how to relate them to the Creator?

  12. Hello Rav,

    Is there a chance that in the future, all those that are considered to be Yashar Kel in their heart’s aim, and it’s verified, that they will be able by ‘law’ to live in the land of Israel?


  13. what does the kabbalah say about observing Torah and mitzvot in the process of elevating the world?

  14. Is Sexual Education, Therapy or Training part of the Sex, Food & Money?

  15. Dear Rav,
    Will you be sending Greetings to Arabs in Israel and around the World on the Occasion of Ramadan?

  16. Dear Dr Laitman,
    could you please elaborate the subject of double correction? I found the only information in your article Rescue Mission on this blog. My question is: In case of double correction is there any limitation to which degree you can elevate the lower one? And does the point in heart awaken in the lower one during the process naturaly?
    Thank you in advance

  17. Dear Rav!
    Your Assessment so far of President Trump’s visit to Israel etc?

  18. Dear Rav!
    Indeed Jew VS Jew on the ” World Stage”..
    \Senator Bernie Sanders opposes Senator Joseph Liberman For FBI Director!
    Your view?

  19. I watch three hours with you every night
    I watch repeats
    I began two years ago watching Rashi daily Chumash, and sometimes Tehillim and Tanya
    About a year ago I began watching Kabbalah and could I could understand in an extraordinary way

    Today, in my own personal way, I recognise VICTORY in my own consciousness
    I am a Gentile………… now obviously in tune with God’s Household and getting what every one is supposed to get on this day. It is a mystery of Come and See

    It is possible to find God alone – The Blow was BIG
    There were 4 years of Darkness (a kli)
    There were four years (2 with daily Torah) of 24 x 7 study by faith in the Jesus Teacher…………. which included looking with common sense at where he came from and that was how the surprising threads of thought took me in to the Living Book.

    What was necessary was the courage to stop being afraid to think that the Bible of Christian usage was not right……….. to look and see what I would have thought if someone had told me that story……

    It is Jewish History that I began to unravel ………. the thoughts came from God.. or through my imagined Jesus

    My question is
    Might this be true for many other Gentiles…………… (not trying to convert you)…. it is written in the Christian New Testament
    Revelations Eleven, verse Two
    “But the court which is without the Temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread underfoot forty and two months.”
    It would indicate that the number of people learning with you cannot be known
    …not measured
    and also that Gentiles need to study with you for 42 months – three and a half years

    The more I watch and learn to think as you think, the more I feel that I am, in my heart of hearts, a Jew in the world not of the world

    Is it time to give the class home work – or to draw on a screen a diagram of explanation……….. perhaps not………… maybe a task for the friends to draw an explanation for the others to talk about next time

    Best wishes to you Dr Laitman

  20. Dear Rav
    What is your opinion? On the following(Channel 1)
    After 49 Years, Israel News Show Canceled Hour Before Airing?

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