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Moreover, if you are studying Kabbalah materials, you can ask me questions related to the materials, and get answers live, in the daily Kabbalah lessons I teach from the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, Israel, which are broadcast live on Kabbalah TV: 3:00am until 6:00am Israel (GMT+2) time, Sunday to Friday [Time Zone Converter].

Recent Questions

  1. Shalom Michael Laitman,

    I am a follower of the Torah as a Noahide and am interested in Kabbalah. While I was a christian studying religion a while back, I rejected evolution, but recently your blog have gotten my attention. Two years ago I left Jesus for HaShem. And now I am wondering if Kabbalah is even more amazing then I previously thought.

    In “Evolution of Man – We Were All Monkeys in the Past,” you wrote that “Everything is initiated by the Reshimo – the informational gene.”

    And this is in Kabbalah? I am now open minded to accepting what is truth. A kabbalistic kind of evolution, even if so. One certainly wouldt have to run away from the theory no longer. My only question is, but didn’t the Torah say that G-d created Adam out of dust? I don’t mean to take scripture literally, but could you please simplify that, because it seems to me that dust or the Reshimo gene or two different things? Unless I am mistaken and they are one of the same somehow. Am I on the right track on this?

    Please feel free to respond whenever you’d like. Thank you.

    May HaShem bless you and your family evermore. Thank you again,

    Brandon Collins

  2. Hi!

    As I understand it, it is required to partake in a group studying to attain any kind of spirituality. But I know no one who share my interest in Kabbalah, and there is no groups in my vicinity that I am aware of. So what should I do?


  3. my question is how can 1 attain spirituality when it seems as if everyone is superficial or secular around you or knows nothing about spirituality? and also how does 1 increase there intuition so it can juxtapose spirituality?

  4. Rav you said in one of the morning lessons, that we have to constantly keep thinking of The Creator. If the Creator is whole and perfect and needs nothing from anyone, why would he need anyone to think of him ? Surely our concern can only be sycophantic ?

  5. my question is; is there any physical groups to study in Arizona, is just a particular preference??

  6. Hello Rav Laitman,
    I have a question about physical pain. I have endured chronic low back pain for my entire adult life (I’m currently 57).

    I’m aware that everything from G-d is positive but how am I to reconcile endless physical pain and discomfort which I perceive as wholly negative? I realize I must find the positive within the negative but I am not sure how to even begin that approach. Any wisdom is appreciated.


  7. I am a woman whose man has started to learn Kabbalah. In every argument I am told that because he “knows” better, has become wiser and that I may have a problem with my ego, I need to learn. How can this be corrected so that both him and I can communicate better? I started watching videos to learn about myself, how to change myself, what does God expect of me as a woman?


  8. Shalom Rav,

    A person who’s considered as one of your students living abroad – If he is part of a slow growing group, should he move to Israel?

    What I mean to say is that: The group eventually has new male forces, bit by bit, but the women part is not growing, so there’s very little possibility for matches/couples to be made. I am relating to the situation as it is now.

    I am trying to realize what it means to be a true student of yours. My own reasoning tells me to gamble by finding a partner through the Orthodox Community and to hope that she will not have any resistance towards the framework of Bnei Baruch. Nevertheless, the best is if she’s already a part of Bnei Baruch and is willing to give all her support.

    Rav, what is your advice?


  9. I once heard that the Torah have been existing even before the universe was created. Does it mean that the stories in the Bible like Adam and Eve, the Great Flood on Noahs days did not happened on the stated days or year in the Bible.. Were these stories not real in the physical world.

  10. Hello dear Rav,

    do you think world war 3 will start this year?

    Thank you

  11. Hi, I just watched a video where Rav Laitman answers a question from a female viewer regarding whether God exists. I had to watch it 3 times because It seems that at first he says “no”, then that God exist only for those who attained spitituality, the Laws of nature, etc. I am a little confused, because even the opening verses of the Sefer Yetzira define the Creator, or the Etz Chaim has whole chapters on the properties of The Light (the Creator?), etc. So up until now, i felt that The Creator exists whether one attains spirituality, or believe in it or not. Was Rav Laitman making a relativistic approach as to what constitutes existence or Reality?

  12. for a friend what is mochin de gadlut

  13. Hello Rav,
    I understand that we are still very, very far from reaching spirituality. But still, we learn, and try, and pray, and make efforts. and still, in spite of this, nothing in this world gets even a little bit better. we don’t see results for the better, even a tiniest bit. do we even help the world by doing what we are doing, by studying, trying to connect, making efforts? If we wouldn’t have done any of it would the world, the humanity, Israel be in even a worse state than this?

    Thank you very much

  14. I have several questions regarding “connections” and love thy neighbor as thyself.

    During the World Congress 2018, you asked a question about the connections “between” the friends, not “among” the friends. What should this connection look like? In various diagrams you have drawn, each point is directly connected to each of the other points, but the references are often talking about the connection to the center of the group. Are these depictions different?

    Are these connections between individuals authentic and genuine or more superficial, given the connection is with the Creator? What is our connection to members in other tens (or members of former tens)? To what extent should we love thy neighbor as thyself? Is it only in word and intention, genuine friendship, or something else?

  15. I enjoy reading your opinions.

    My question: Your teachings seem to stop at Hod. That is, an intellectualization of problems and solutions. How does your philosophy interact with Netzach? Where is the beauty of Tipharet? Laws come down from Gevura. Have you reached that stage in your meditations?

    Thank you for the opportunity to ask this question.


  16. Dear Dr Laitman!
    As a teacher “TO THE CHANGE THE WORLD CHANGE MAN”” Knowing “JEWISH VALUES” what is your personal opinion, plus a spiritual reason concerning the African Migrants whom “THE STATE OF ISRAEL” wants to deport! Are you in favor, against and why?

  17. If only a group will bring us to the creator, why do all of the teachings of the Zohar and the Torah tell us about individuals who spoke to yhwh alone! Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Noah and Moses/ they all were alone in their connections. They all preached to a people instead of learning alongside of them. They all traveled far to hear Him, speak with Him and learn about Him. Why does it make me feel like my learnings will only come through quiet contemplation and individual connection?

  18. Dear Dr Laitman,\
    What is your view or explanation of Dissociative identity disorder(A person having several personalities? Is it part of one’s Tikkun/ Or strictly a corporal situation?

  19. How can a women who has attained the creator help the group?

  20. Hi Michael,
    What’s the relation between 10 (lost) Tribes and 10 Sefirot, if any?

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