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You may ask me any questions you like on this page. I receive questions in many languages so, unfortunately, I am unable to get to every question. I try to select questions which speak to the widest readership, and you can search for my answers in upcoming blog posts. (If you subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed, then you can follow each new post from the moment it is added – click here to subscribe.)

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Moreover, if you are studying Kabbalah materials, you can ask me questions related to the materials, and get answers live, in the daily Kabbalah lessons I teach from the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, Israel, which are broadcast live on Kabbalah TV: 3:00am until 6:00am Israel (GMT+2) time, Sunday to Friday [Time Zone Converter].

Recent Questions

  1. Have you ever heard of Neville Goddard and what are your thoughts about his message? Thank You..

  2. The task for our young people is to find a balance between personal gain and community gain. The delay of gratification and the ability to derive pleasure from the success of others is so very important. It’s really just as much about personal maturation as anything. The individual needs to gain experience and depth.

  3. What does “you real what you sow” mean on a spiritual level.

  4. What language did the Greeks speak

  5. Is there really a point where something spiritual becomes constant in me?
    Like at a moment, a blink of an eye, that the world turns into a spiritual world. And that it stays constant.
    Or is it always small steps of gradual development, and there is nothing like a sudden change of my perception, into eternal spirituality?!

    Thank you

  6. Hello! Dr.Laitman could you please help me understand… I don’t have a soul but the soul comes for correction. So how does it come for correction if my body does not have it?
    Thank you!

  7. Hello Michael,

    My life is plagued with cyclical problems for over 20 years now. I am seeking a good Kabbalist who can hopefully create a good Talisman or something to rid my problems ?

    Can you suggest any?

    My life has reached a point where I believe I can’t get to the next level without Divine help.

    I feel very broken.


  8. I have just heard someone claim the Genesis creation is allegory. An argument was presented against that saying the Hebrew language is very math based and precise – that the style of writing in Genesis 1 refutes any other interpretation than historical narrative. Who is right? How can I learn more (as I presently know nothing about Hebrew) of the characteristics of poetry, parable, historical narrative, etc?

  9. Some significant realisations for me was that all creatures are spirit beings to me, their physicality does not exist in my mind. And there is none other besides him. Finally, realized that all light emits from the Creator, the creatures can’t act without the enabling of the Creator. Thus the unified force is the only force. And all qualities of the creature is a gift from the Creator. This helped and lowered tensions that I perceived, tensions which I was spiritually enabling.

  10. Hi, I’ve been seeing the number “56” repeating itself over & over. For instance, I’ll be driving down the road & notice that an address is something like Elm Street 56. And then I’ll quickly glance at the clock which says 11:56. And then right after that, glance at my speedometer which says 56mph. I should also include that my birthday is 5/6 & the gematria of my name is 156. I’ve asked other people about this & they say they also have certain numbers that they see repeatedly throughout the day. Can you explain why some people see certain numbers repeated over & over throughout the day? Also what is the significance of “56”.

  11. Rav what are your opinions on Sexrobots and the increasing demand for them ?

    Kind regards

    Kristian Dawson

  12. I am looking for a group of kabbalists in Wichita Kansas. I follow your lessons as much as I can, and I listen to your audio recordings from the archive.

    As it stands, I am for all intents and purposes, alone except for the online studies that I participate in.

    I don’t have anything that I can recognize as internal power. What can I do as a man who seeks connection to the One who is Good Who does good and yet has no group?

    Peace to you and yours

  13. Dear…

    I’m on a spiritual journey trying to figure things out. If the purpose of reincarnating many times is to make corrections and develop the soul, how can we do that if we don’t remember the mistakes we made in our past life?

    What about babies who die ? They don’t get a chance to live and experience life. Why were they born or created if they had to die so fast. Some babies are still-born and some die in the womb. What happens to their soul. What was the purpose of their conception and birth.
    I would appreciate it very much if you could shed some light on the above questions which have been troubling me for a long time.


  14. Dear Rav,

    Very soon Sex robots will be available en masse. The question is should we ban them ? Do you see them as being harmful to society’s progress.

    Kind regards

    Kristian Dawson

  15. Hi Dr. Laitman,

    Thank you for your effort, altruism, and sharing your knowledge with the world at large! There’s a burning question in my mind which I hope you could help with, if you don’t mind?
    The population of the world has gone from 500 million in 1600 to 7.5 billion in just over 400 years! Population has gone from 2 million in merely 90 years ago to 7.5 billion today; that’s 5.5 billion new “souls” added to Earth. If some or many old souls from 4000 years ago have been and some perhaps still are in need of time to correct themselves, will this 5.5 billion increase in population of souls not extend “cycle of correction” to even far longer time periods and many more cycles? Will this increase not bring–potentially–an end to this ream until either Nature makes a “trimming” correction or until Man possibly annihilates itself before the desired mass-correction? This is why my feelings and dreams tell me this “Earth” is just another realm, another “nursing home” and “university” for souls who travel through it from other “Earth-like” realms for correction & education…. all such realms belong to the Grand Consciousnesses (our Devin Aba) and his perhaps his “administration” (which might consist of corrected/ascended souls which have already been welcomed to the “house” of the Master, Devin Aba).

    I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

    Wishing you grace & goodness of our mutual Aba.

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