What Does Hatred Push Us To?

213Question: I strongly feel what is happening in Israel. It seems that this is actually us, that our hatred has accumulated so much, materialized, and come out because there is no place for it anymore. It feels like a huge basket of hate is growing that is coming back to us.

What is the difference between the evil inclination created by the Creator and the evil we generate with our feelings toward each other?

Answer: The Creator created only the root of the evil inclination, and we inflate it. We inflate it more and more until the whole world is inflamed.

Comment: This is really scary, because I truly felt that what happened depends on us. I felt afraid not to love, to be in a state of non-love.

My Response: Yes, this is very well said. When I reveal that I don’t love others, I should be afraid because it pushes us all to self-destruction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/27/23, Writings of Rabash “Man Is Rewarded with Righteousness and Peace through the Torah“

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