The Civilization of Global Love

632.3In the News (Big Think): In 1973, a computer program was developed at MIT to model global sustainability. Instead, it predicted that by 2040 our civilization would end. … But what the computer envisioned in the 1970s has by and large been coming true. Could the machine be right?

“The prediction, which recently reappeared in Australian media, was made by a program dubbed World OneIt was originally … commissioned by the Club of Rome to model how well the world could sustain its growth. …

“The model’s calculations took into account trends in pollution levels, population growth, the amount of natural resources and the overall quality of life on Earth. The model’s predictions for the worsening quality of life and the dwindling natural resources have so far been unnervingly on target.

Question: If the collapse of civilization in the form in which we know it is predicted, then in what form will civilization exist?

Answer: Let them broadcast what the computer indicated for the next 20 years. And we will see to what extent it is right or not. I have not heard or read anything about this computer. I want to see what it has written and what came true, not some retellings of it.

Question: Even if these are stories and fairy tales, please tell me your feelings, “What kind of civilization would there be if there was no one like today?” In general, such a civilization is most likely not needed.

Answer: No. It is needed only to realize the wrongness of its path.

Question: What kind of civilization will there be in the future? Not in 2040 or 2050, but in general, what kind of civilization are we going to have?

Answer: Civilization will be built on universal love, interconnection, and mutual assistance. It is concrete. But this is after realizing the evil of our civilization.

Question: And how will we be aware of it? Via blows?

Answer: Here is our problem. Either we realize it in a good way or in an evil way,  with a stick to happiness or awareness of the correct path.

Question: I am interested in your opinion of how will we realize this and see what is happening?

Answer: I think with a stick. So far, it is improbable that humanity has realized anything at all. There needs to be the recognition of the evil of their nature by every person. And then he will do something with himself and not others.

Question: For us to do something with ourselves, strong blows will be needed?

Answer: I hope not, but in general everything is leading to that.

Question: And how does this vector unfold? We have said more than once that we live in criticism of others, in capturing others. And how does the vector unfold?

Answer: The common vector should lead us to realize that we are enemies to each other and in this we are enemies to ourselves.

Question: So, this is not my enemy, but my enemy is inside me. Is this the main thing we should come to?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Then we come to the future through love, as you say?

Answer: Yes. Then we come to the future through love and to the victory of good over evil.

Question: And when love, kindness, and a kind attitude prevail, what will people do?

Answer: People will give up all unnecessary work and will go fishing, to the beach, to the sea, take care of children, walk in the park with flowers in their hair, listen to birds singing, and record birds singing. That is what life will be like. Everyone will bow to each other.

In general, this is an idiotic vision of the future.

Question: What do you think is real? When love…

Answer: A person cannot exist without a struggle. And the struggle for what? For the harvest? For territories? Where does a person feel that he is doing something, creating?

Question: But what happens if love rules the world? Where is the struggle, what is the struggle?

Answer: The struggle will be in being able to show love more and more. It will be very difficult. This is the hardest part.

Question: So there are dramas and everything else?

Answer: Of course.

Question: But with joy, with love?

Answer: It will still be with dramas. Without this, a person cannot exist.

Question: But is it still that we are moving toward love?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So such a goal will be set, and a person will go toward it. What do you mean by the word “love” now when you say it?

Answer: When I value another above myself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/15/22

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