A World of Adventure That One Can Enter

151The main thing in reading The Book of Zohar is the intention. After all, by reading this Book, we attract the greatest light, if we are able to do it.

In everything written by Kabbalists, there is no stronger light than in The Book of Zohar. That is why it gained such fame and popularity, and at the same time throughout history, it was hidden, and so many things happened to it.

Only now it is revealed because it is a source of light that returns to its origin. Therefore, it does not matter what exactly we read in The Book of Zohar, because in any case, we do not understand a single word correctly. But we want to penetrate into the same picture, to feel it, and not to understand it; it is not given to us to understand it with our earthly mind. We strive to enter it, to open it up.

After all, we are talking about Kabbalists who have revealed the spiritual world and told us about what they discovered there, like in an adventure novel about travelers discovering new lands and islands.

This is how Kabbalists tell us about what is happening in spirituality. They describe what inner tools they reveal it with, and at the same time talk about what they see and feel. That is, they talk about the actions they perform and what they reveal as a result of these actions.

We look, read, listen, and do not understand anything, but we aspire to feel these states ourselves, to live in them. Like children who read books about exciting adventures and experience the adventure together with the heroes, all this was only in our imagination.

Here we enter the spiritual world for real and feel it even more strongly than we perceive ourselves in this world now. It is our current perception of this world that is the most distorted and clouded compared to everything else.

In spirituality there is amazing clarity and transparency that is impossible to imagine, there is the deepest understanding of all events and the forces behind them, the causes and effects, the source of everything that happens, and the connections between everything that exists.

This is what we should strive for when reading The Book of Zohar—to stop being old men, but feel like young children, carried away by a book about exciting adventures.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/11, The Book of Zohar “Tzav (Command)”

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