What Can Keep a Person in Israel?

560Question: What should keep a Jew in Israel? Suppose I am repatriating to Israel from South America or Europe. And here I come across absolutely absurd things: a very expensive life, threats to security, an absurd political system, in general, a lot of things that are not really difficult, but simply incomprehensible. What should keep a person in this land?

Answer: An inner feeling when he senses that there is no other place for him on Earth.

Actually, this is how I found the answer for myself: “There is nothing good here, there is no reason to remain here, but I have no other place.”

Question: How is this thought, this feeling supposed to come? Is it like a person comes out of the plane, inhales the air and understands?

Answer: No. It is given gradually. But generally a person very quickly begins to feel “This place is for me.”

Question: Does he need to make any effort to understand this?

Answer: I don’t think so. I think that for a person who is looking for some kind of mutuality with other people this is a pretty good environment, because in other countries it is cold, polite, and nothing more.

Question: Should there be any internal prerequisites for this?

Answer: Naturally. A person feels that he needs support; he is looking for it.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 8/5/22

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