The Path We Must Walk

232.05In spirituality everything happens in our feelings, not in the mind, but in the sensory organ called desire.

In order to create created beings and give them the opportunity to reach attainment at the Creator’s level, it is necessary to create and bring the desire to such a condition that it will be able to feel the Creator, i.e., the entire universe. After all, by the Creator we mean the entire universe given to us to attain.

How is this done? The initially created desire gradually grows to resemble the Creator; it discovers the egoistic inclination in itself that is absolutely opposite to Him, it is shattered, and it must recreate itself from a state opposite to the Creator to a state similar to Him.

This, in principle, is the path we must walk. A part of this path happens during preparation when we do not yet feel ourselves. Just as the conception of a person occurs in our world when two forces, father and mother, by copulating, create all conditions for the development of a child (a new desire), which then comes from them and already develops independently.

This is how we must imagine ourselves as truly independent desires which, on one hand, are controlled by the Creator, and on the other hand are absolutely independent of Him. This means that we need to determine what our freedom is and what our direct dependence or lack of independence is.

These two opposing forces must work in us simultaneously. We must balance them, bind them together, and direct them so that they complement each other.

Thus, out of these two forces—the force of reception and the force of bestowal—something will grow that will be called “similar to the Creator.” To the extent that in this force we have oppositeness to the Creator, it will work for being similar to Him. Then the creature that is formed will be called Adam, meaning similar to the Creator.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe—Lithuania 2022, Lesson 2, 7/24/22

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