Every Penny Joins into a Great Amount

945If I rise above the claims of egoism, which convince me that this work is meaningless and the spiritual path is not for me, then it means that I am going above reason. And so, “penny by penny joins in a great amount”; that is, all the overcoming accumulates to a certain measure necessary in order to become a vessel for receiving the upper light.

It is in this form that we advance and the degree of connection between the friends is very important here. After all, in states of weakness, a person will not find any strength, desire, or awakening that is capable of lifting or stimulating him at least a little. Additional strength can only come from connection with the friends.

We need to understand that we have to receive all the strength to advance from the group and from nowhere else. There are only two options: either from egoism or from connection in the group. These are the only levers available in our system. Therefore if we want to advance toward the final correction, we must try to connect more and more, as much as possible in the ten, and receive strength for awakening and unification from there.

And then again and again, extract everything from there. Even when it seems that there are no resources left, you still squeeze out strength from there as if you are scraping the last crumbs from the bottom of the pan. This is how you need to try to receive strength to unite from the group. After all, this is what the real work that moves us forward should be.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/22, “For Every Penny Joins Into a Great Amount”

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