What Does a Child Need for Happiness?

627.1Question: Some psychologists list basic conditions needed for the happiness and health of a child. The first condition is that the parent should be a source of information for the child, and not a tablet or a laptop.

I cannot imagine how it is possible today for a parent to become a source of information. Do you think this is possible today, in our era?!

Answer: Today I am 75 years old. If I do remember something, it is not from school, but from what I heard from my parents. Some pieces, fragments of words, sentences, some of their comments. For some reason, this pops up in my mind.

Moreover, I already was not a little kid. Starting somewhere from the age of six or seven and up to 16-17 years old.

Question: Do you think that even today, the information that comes from parents is much higher than any computer information?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: The next condition: Teach the child to express emotions. Does he not know how to express emotions? What does it mean to teach him?

My Response: It is necessary to show him how he can unite with other people, connect with them, influence them, and perceive them, and so on.

Question: With other children?

Answer: Yes. But I am not thinking about children, but rather about teenagers.

Comment: Next, Do not buy off the child with new sneakers, tablets, and toys. How should you buy a child?

My Response: By showing him that you are his friend and that you are supposedly on his level. How much you have to remake yourself for this, and to change yourself…

Question: Yes. It is me who has to change. What do you mean by the word “friend”?

Answer: You understand him, you are ready to help him, to approve of him. The main thing is to understand.

Comment: Another is not to overdo with the developmental courses, sections, and groups. Let the child live his childhood organically.

What does it mean to live childhood organically?

My Response: Basically, yes. The child should do what he wants.

Question: To that extent?

Answer: After all, he receives a desire, an opinion from his friends. So, it is not his personal opinion. But we still need to encourage him.

Comment: But you said that you were surrounded by composers, music.

My Response: It did not give me anything special.

Question: It gave you an ear for music. You have a musical ear, of course. So, do you think a child should be given freedom of choice?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Next is to keep your word. Say it the first time, do it the second time. Maybe it is better not to promise anything to the child at all so as not to deceive him?

My Response: No. But if you want to demonstrate education, then you must both promise and fulfill.

Comment: Another principle is to allow the child to make mistakes. Some scientists go as far as to say that a mistake is wonderful. And if a child makes a mistake we can even say to him: “Well done. You made a mistake.” Is it even possible to use such a move?

My Response: Not to say, “Well done,” but, “Find this mistake and correct it. You have a mistake here.” But this is not a claim and not an accusation of him.

Comment: The next condition is to not be afraid to love your child too much.

My Response: There is a problem here. In general, all these questions are very difficult.

Question: What does it mean to love too much?

Answer: Not to show excessive love, especially where it can cause harm.

Question: Can it cause harm?

Answer: Of course, everything should be dosed and in balance.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/9/22

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