How to Know the Truth

228Question: A person has standards of perception, initial attitudes. Through development, he must somehow change them. One can tune in to a certain picture of the world and by working hard can change it in accordance with the purpose of his own development.

What are the tools that change the picture of the world in accordance with the ultimate goal?

Answer: There is only one way to see the world in a different way—rapprochement with each other. Distancing from each other will not give us the realization that we are delving into the world more. Rapprochement with each other will lead to the fact that a lot of forces of resistance to this will arise in us.

And at the junction between our efforts to get closer and the forces of nature to separate us, we will begin to feel the revelation of nature, the revelation of ourselves. There we will see a  human.

It will be a radically different perception of reality—the correct, true revelation of egoism. If we begin to strive for rapprochement with each other and feel how nature repels us from each other, but we still insist on rapprochement and nature insists on our distance, then at the junction of these two opposing forces we will discover the truth.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/29/22

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