Deserved and Undeserved Punishment

549.01Question: Is there such a thing as deserved and undeserved reward and punishment?

Answer: It all depends on how we explore it. There can be no such thing on the part of the Creator, the universal absolute control. It only seems that way to us. And if it seems so to us, what should we think?!

From the human perspective, it is necessary to accept that everything that happens does so according to the absolute will, power, authority, and system of the Creator; therefore, there can be no problems or mistakes. We must accept this as the absolute truth, fact, and good.

Question: If I feel that now an upper force is punishing me, can I not say that it is undeserved? Is it for something?

Answer: Even if you don’t know, as it is said, still a person is obliged to bless the Creator for everything bad as for everything good.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/31/22

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